sevic and tropos

Milara and Sevic become strategic supplier partner to Tropos Motors

milara and sevic

Tropos Technologies, Inc., a leading supplier of eLSVs (electric low speed vehicles) has entered into a strategic partnership with Sevic Systems SE, a premier European supplier of electrified vehicles and Milara International Ltd., the main manufacturer of Sevic electric vehicles. With this partnership, Tropos will transition away from its current Asia-centric supply chain to Milara’s and Sevic’s European supply chain for the Tropos Motors ABLETM vehicle platforms. These new vehicles will be available for North American distribution in the second calendar quarter of 2022.

The North America LSV market continues to move towards electrification, motivated by stringent government regulations for emissions reduction, broader availability of charging infrastructure, increasing fuel costs and the explosive growth of the last-mile delivery market sector. This is driving fleet operators and LSV distributors to focus on solutions that deliver zero-emissions and reduce overall operating costs.

Milara and Sevic bring industry and technical experts, global supply chain resources, commercial operations, and local manufacturing across Europe, and has been supporting the movement to electrified solutions across the globe. Together, Milara, Sevic and Tropos set a new benchmark for quality and durability, ensure a flexible, high-performance vehicle platform, and expand access to the Tropos Motors ABLE vehicle platforms.

sevic and tropos
Sevic GM Alexander Brilis, Milara CEO Krassimir Petkov, and Tropos CEO John Bautista at the contract signing

The partnership with Sevic enhances Tropos’s strategic vision to be the market leader of flexible and cost-effective commercial utility vehicle and fleet solutions and moves our supply chain to Europe and North America. This partnership is ideally timed with our next phase of production in North America and will enable us to integrate high-caliber components into our manufacturing line, while offering best-in-class technology across a myriad of industry solutions.

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