Milara International donates an electric car for social activities in municipality of Rakovski

Milara donated an electric car to the municipality of Rakovski

Mayor Pavel Gudjerov was moved by the gesture of Mr. Krassimir Petkov – CEO of Milara International.


Mr. Gudjerov expressed gratitude on his Facebook page with the following words:

"A person is happiest when he does something for others. Dear friends, I publicly extend my heartfelt thanks to Mr. Krasi Petkov, owner of the company Milara, who made an extremely generous donation to the municipality of Rakovski, namely a brand new electric car. The innovative vehicle will be used to deliver food to people in need covered by the "social patronage" service. Milara and Mr. Petkov are unique phenomena for Bulgaria, they are real innovators, creators and inventors of new technologies and machines. Thank you very much for the donation of Milara and Mr. Petkov. I hope one day your company will set foot in the Municipality of Rakovski. "