Milara International is an official sponsor of the Robotics Strategy Forum 2021

Robotics Strategy Forum 2021

Flying robot and robot opening soft drinks. These are just some of the automated machines that were presented at this year’s edition of the Robotics Strategy Forum, which took place on September 29 at Sofia Tech Park.

Krassimir Petkov – CEO of Milara International took part in the seminar on “Economics or national policy will be the production of microchips”.

At Robotics Strategy Forum 2021 were discussed topics such as prospects, economics or national policy will be the production of chips and batteries, can and how companies in the field of robotics in our country to achieve partnerships and synergies with manufacturers of semiconductors and batteries, which trends, programs and initiatives will give additional impetus to automation, what are the opportunities for Bulgaria to take advantage of new niches in robotics, industrial automation, chip shortages and the EU Alliance for Batteries.