Milara took part in GrowBreakfast held in Sofia Tech Park

Milara's presentation during the GrowBreakfast

Growbreakfast is an informal event organized by Sofia Tech Park for new companies that are part of the Incubator’s ecosystem.

The event was held on February 10, 2022 and is part of the monthly series of business snacks, which aim to encourage discussion between incubated companies on the science campus and technology park, as well as other stakeholders from the entrepreneurial ecosystem. On the other hand, these meetings promote cooperation, synergy and partnership and support companies in their development and international growth by providing them with information and acquainting them closely with current and useful topics.

The newly joined companies from the Incubator presented themselves at Growbreakfast: Milara International, Diveliot. Quanteral, Escreo, Manpower Bulgaria, the development team of experts in the Micronano laboratories, 3D creativity and rapid prototyping also took part.

During the discussion, topics such as: scientific and technological potential in the selection of personnel in engineering, new practices in environmental protection, noise as an impact on the quality of sleep and our ability to work, robotics and automation as vital in many areas of life .