Ministers tested Milara’s electric truck

Deputy Prime Minister Borislav Sandov examines Sevic V500e electric truck manufactured at Milara International

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Environment and Water Borislav Mr. Sandov and Minister of Innovation and Growth Mr. Daniel Lorer drove the Sevic V500e electric truck manufactured at the Milara International factory. The two ministers tested the electric vehicle after a conference in the Trakia Economic Zone / TEZ / held on February 22, 2022.

Today we had a productive meeting with Minister Lorer. We have seen that the business in the "Thrace Economic Zone" is at the forefront of good examples of transformation to a circular, green economy, meeting its own energy needs through the use of innovative approaches. What we saw as TIZ's plans and ambitions is what we expect to see from businesses across the country. Climate change creates good conditions for a better state of the environment. We see that with the new approaches, the new processes we can make Bulgaria attractive for attracting business, generating new jobs, integrating dual training. I expect at the end of 2022 representatives of TIZ to be part of the Bulgarian delegation for the UN summit in Egypt

Both ministers were extremely impressed with the vehicle. More information can be found in the article by plovdiv24 and in the video of Pod Tepeto below.