румен радев в милара интернешънъл

The President of Bulgaria Mr. Rumen Radev on a visit in Milara

румен радев в милара интернешънъл
Rumen Radev examines the electric truck manufactured in Milara

The President of Bulgaria Mr. Rumen Radev visited the factory of Milara International in Plovdiv. There he was welcomed by the owner of the company Mr. Krassimir Petkov and the executive director Radoslav Makaveev. During the tour of the plant, Milara’s management briefed the president on the company’s high-tech production related to the semiconductor industry, as well as the production of electric vehicles.

The head of state welcomed the progress of the Bulgarian company and discussed with its management the potential for upgrading and development. Rumen Radev noted the good example of the company’s management to grow by investing in young people. The common position was that the country has people with potential, whose knowledge and experience can contribute to the return of Bulgaria’s position in the field of robotics, the semiconductor industry and high technology.