KARMET Toro Pro 3100-120TN

Bending and cutting

TORO Pro press brake is the highest peak in KARMET press brake production.
Developed by our engineers to be a multifunctional hydraulic press, TORO Pro finds application in a variety of industries.
Carefully selected components, a sturdy steel frame (ST44 A1) and a wide range of standard equipment such as a 6-axis rear stop with servomotors (Y1, Y2, X, R, Z1, Z2), CNC anti-reflective system, hydraulic upper brackets and a full tool equipment make TORO Pro press brake suitable for complex productions – from low to high production volume.
When the setting time is a critical factor for the operators – TORO Pro uses the easy-to-manage KARMET IDEA 3D controller, which can significantly reduce the setting time and recreate partial programs. The TORO Pro anti-reflective CNC system ensures equal angles along the entire length of the parts without the need for operator intervention.
The 4-axis rear stop with motorized Z-fingers and hydraulic upper holders make the step-by-step bending, which includes various tools, very easy to perform.


• Robust steel frame (ST44 A1), made with precision (up to 0.01 mm) and welded by professional welders
• Chrome-plated and ground cylinders and pistons for which high-quality seals are used.
• KARMET IDEA 3D controller with touch screen
• Hoerbieger hydraulics
• 510mm depth of the hole between the columns
• Large string and daily
• PROMECAM upper hydraulic tool holders
• Sanded and hardened standard tooling along the entire length.
• Y1-Y2 synchronized hydraulic cylinders
• High resolution linear scales for synchronized control